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Carolina Facility Management specializes in commercial property management, our services are listed below.


Commercial Lawn Care

A well-manicured lawn sends the message that you’ll take good care of your clients; it shows you care about the finer things and aren’t going to scrimp on the details.


Commercial Maintenance

An unkempt property sends the message to potential clients that you don’t particularly care about their business, which is the last idea you want planted in people’s minds.



Commercial Landscaping

The first thing people see when they approach your Greensboro office or business is the outdoor area. How you maximize the outdoor space you have can impact how your business is perceived.



Commercial Garden Care

No matter what your business is, keeping the green space around your property is essentially to sustaining the image of success and professionalism that you have worked hard to create.



Snow & Ice Removal

It is our priority to make your commercial property and surrounding parking area, access roads, walkways, and entrances clear of ice and snow for safety and ease of travel. Available 24-hours a day, seven days a week during inclement weather.


Patios & Decks

How about an outside Oasis? Whether you’re looking to improve or create that outdoor paradise, we can help. From Patios, retaining walls, decks and pools the professionals at Carolina Facility Management can help make your dreams a reality.



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